Vehicle Branding. Get more mileage on your brand.

Simple decal branding
Vehicle branding that’s easy on the eye and the pocket. Speak to us about vinyl decal branding to get your brand shining on the road.
Vehicle wraps
From half wraps to full wraps- make efficient use of all of your vehicle’s surfaces.
Car magnets
Full colour magnet signs- when you want the choice of On or Off.
Need to brand your back window? We’re your guys!

Here’s what our client’s have got to say

Vehicle Branding is a very inexpensive form of marketing compared to traditional mediums such as billboard-and radio advertising. Research shows that an average branded vehicle generates more than 65 000 impressions per day. It also suggests that potential customers view the companies of branded vehicles as successful and stable. The value of brand exposure and reach that a branded vehicle is getting far outweighs the small investment it takes to get it wrapped.

We specialise in transforming ordinary vehicles to a marketing tool that will turn heads. We dress your vehicle to impress. Whether your organisation has a single car, a dozen vans or a fleet of trucks, we will ensure that your brand gets the a10tion it deserves on the road.

Inexpensive form of advertising
Increased Reach
Positive brand association